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The gendarmerie is investigating a murder and kidnapping in an organized gang after having been requested on May 27 in Courville. An important device is deployed by the research section of Reims in the Marne and the surrounding departments.

A young man was killed and a young woman kidnapped on the evening of May 27 in Courville (Marne), announced the Reims prosecutor’s office, specifying that significant resources were being deployed to try to find the kidnappers. At around 8 p.m., the gendarmes were “called upon for the kidnapping of a 19-year-old young woman who had just committed herself in Courville”, in the west of the department, the public prosecutor Matthieu said in a statement. Bourrette.

Very heavy resources were immediately engaged by the gendarmerie

On the spot, they discovered in a vehicle a very seriously injured young man of 20 who died a few hours later, continues Matthieu Bourrette who opened in the night an investigation in flagrante delicto for murder and kidnapping in an organized gang. The investigation was entrusted to the research section of Reims. “Very heavy resources were immediately engaged by the gendarmerie, both to find the young woman and to apprehend the perpetrator or perpetrators”, further indicates the prosecutor. At the time of writing this press release Friday morning, no arrest had yet taken place.

“We made a large deployment with neighboring departments to try to find the vehicles concerned. We are continuing the research, ”General Bruno Louvet, commander of the Marne gendarmerie group, explained to AFP, specifying that 80 people had been mobilized in the Marne department alone.

The 19-year-old was found on the morning of May 28. She was immediately taken care of by the gendarmerie and medical services.

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