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a “very bad idea” for RN deputy Philippe Ballard, who denounces “the check policy”


The elected national gathering fears for independent service stations, which will not be able to sell at a loss, unlike hypermarkets. “Large distribution will make its margins elsewhere” according to him.


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a “very bad idea” for RN deputy Philippe Ballard, who denounces “the check policy”

The loss-making sale of fuels announced by the government, which must come into force at the beginning of December after adoption in the National Assembly, is a “very bad idea”, for the deputy Philippe Ballard, deputy for Oise and spokesperson for the RN, guest of franceinfo. “I already have a thought for all these service stations in my constituency of Oise where there are still small stations in the depths of the countryside”he specifies.

“This is the policy of the check, it is a government which suffers and which has no ideas”, and so “one problem, one check”, castigates Philippe Ballard. Anyway, “Large distribution will go to make its margins elsewhere. It will perhaps sell at a loss but it will make up for it in food.”

Instead “check policy”it is necessary that’“we are reducing VAT from 20% to 5.5%”, even if this deprives the State of significant revenue. For Philippe Ballard, “It’s certainly much less expensive than a check. If you write a check, it will come out of your bank account and to fill it you will tax the French”. Gold, “lowering VAT means a loss of income, but all that comes with savings” contained in Marine Le Pen’s program with “tens of billions of euros in savings, on immigration, on our contribution to the budget of the European Union” or even control measures “against tax and social fraud.”