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A veiled man was not photographed at a women’s gathering in Kabul, Afghanistan

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As a pro-Taliban meeting gathered around 300 women at Kabul University on Saturday, September 11, an image went viral showing the face of a veiled man in the middle of the assembly, supposedly only female. But this image has been retouched from the face of a man appearing in a BBC News report.

In a BBC News report on life under Taliban control in the town of Balkh, a man’s face can be seen at 7’05 in a veil with black cloth. This same face can be identified in the retouched photo of the pro-Taliban rally at Shaheed Rabbani University in Kabul, available on this or this archived link.

The photomontage has been taken seriously by many online, and has drawn criticism, seen as evidence of a Taliban propaganda operation. “What are the Taliban trying to prove by bringing in men with women’s burqas to show their support? […] Now, I saw that there were only a few women and that the rest were men wearing the burqa “, comments for example in a tweet this journalist based in Dubai.

In the original photo, published by various news agencies (Afghan, Iranian) and on Twitter, we notice that the face of the person at the location in question is entirely veiled. Moreover, we do not distinguish any male face in the assembly.

We resume the demonstration in this Twitter thread of the account:

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If you would like to know more about the verification of circulating images of the events in Afghanistan, check out the Twitter account. @ InfoIntoxF24.