A ticket to space: express training for space tourists

How about spending your vacation in space? From Jeff Bezos to startups, many are putting space tourism into orbit, and they even offer preparation courses. Tech 24 will reserve a place for you in the next shuttle.

2021 sounds like year 1 of space tourism! A dream come true for some. A scientific and commercial feat for others. But above all a market that could represent 8 billion euros by 2030. Jeff Bezos will play luxury guinea pigs with his brother for his company Blue Origin. They are getting ready to take off on July 20 on board New Shepard for 3 minutes in zero gravity and discover the curvature of planet Earth.

Elon Musk and Space X are banking on the 4th quarter of 2021 for the first manned orbital flight. Other companies, like Axiom Space, are working on a space hotel near the ISS. A house 450 kilometers above sea level designed by Philippe Starck.

To train future space tourists, Frenchman Nicolas Gaume is launching Orbite. The company will offer training sessions designed to prepare civilians physically and mentally for a stay in space. He reveals the program and the challenges of these bootcamps like no other.

And in Test 24: demonstration of a stack made from paper, glucose and enzymes. A creation from Grenoble-based BeFC, which could well change the supply of connected clothing or healthy electronics.

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