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A three-legged bear named Tripod stole white claws from a Florida family’s fridge


A three-legged bear surprised a family in Florida recently when he walked into their property, looked in their refrigerator, and cracked open some fresh ones.

The cavalier black bear is known as “Tripod” in the community of Lake Mary where it was recently spotted wandering, according to NBC affiliate WESH of Orlando. Most recently, he was seen by the Diglio family – who live in the area – on their security camera on August 3.

“Oh my God. I’ve never been closer to a bear,” Joseph Diglio, 13, says in the video he captured. The video shows the bear prowling around the family’s enclosed patio Diglio and slamming on a few objects as he makes his rounds.

Even though he made a hole in the screen on the family porch, Josaury Faneite-Diglio, Joseph’s mother, says he didn’t stop there.

“He ate the fish food we had outside, next to our aquarium, then headed for the bar,” Faneite-Diglio explained. “He took three White Claws, drank and left very happy. Her favorite flavor is mango and strawberry.

White Claws are an alcoholic drink made from seltzer water that has fruit flavors.

At first amazed by the scene, Joseph grew concerned when he realized the bear could open the doors.

“Once I saw him open the refrigerator, I was afraid he might open the doors to like the houses,” he said, finally locking the doors to the house.

Meanwhile, Faneite-Diglio says she wasn’t as alarmed.

“I was not afraid because we know the bear very well. He lives here; we respect their habitat as much as possible,” she explained.

In the past, bears have been known to help themselves to the contents of family kitchens.

In August 2022, a man from West Hartford, Connecticut came across a black bear in his kitchen. After welcoming himself in a bag of marshmallows and being chased away, the bear returned a few days later and knocked through a screen door, perhaps hoping for more.

The man eventually called the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, who set up a humane trap with donuts as bait.