A TGV hit by projectiles as it enters Marseille – France

A TGV connecting Paris to Marseille was hit by several projectiles, a priori fired by a firearm, Wednesday evening shortly before arriving at Saint-Charles station, AFP learned Thursday from a police source and from the SNCF. No one was injured and all passengers were able to disembark normally on arrival, said Cyrille Durand, spokesperson for SNCF Voyageurs, stressing that the company had lodged a complaint following this “extremely rare” incident.

It was the driver of a TGV who spotted “flashes likely to correspond to gunfire” on another TGV from Paris Gare de Lyon “whose arrival was scheduled at Gare Saint-Charles in Marseille at 8 pm 58 ”, said Marseille prosecutor Dominique Laurens in a statement on Thursday. “Thirteen non-crossing impacts on six separate cars including two star windows on two separate cars” were observed on the train, according to the prosecutor, who opened an investigation for damage to public property by means dangerous for people.

“A gun, in all likelihood”

The prosecution calls for witnesses to all “passengers of the TGV Inoui train n ° 6123 coming from Paris Gare de Lyon likely to bring elements”. The investigation was entrusted to the Departmental Security of Public Security, which will have to determine with exactitude “the number and the nature of the projectiles” having touched this train around 9:30 pm Wednesday evening. But “it is a firearm, in all likelihood,” one said on the side of the investigators.

Such an event had previously only occurred twice in two years in France, including once with a bullet fired by a hunter, according to SNCF. According to a police source, this kind of incident is “infrequent”, unlike the caillassages or the throwing of various projectiles which target in particular regional trains.

The incident on Wednesday evening was noted when the TGV train had just left the Saint-Louis tunnel, a few hectometers before entering Saint-Charles station. Traffic was interrupted for 1:30 am Wednesday evening, in order to let investigators intervene on the tracks.

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