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a photo of three doctors asleep at the bedside of a patient touched Internet users – RT in French

A photograph went viral a few days ago on Russian social networks. We see three doctors in protective suits lying on the floor at the bedside of a patient with Covid-19.

Thousands of Russian internet users shared this snapshot taken in one of the hospitals in the Leningrad region on social networks and published on the establishment’s official page on VKontakte. “This morning I arrived on the ward, and on the screen in the staff room I saw this image,” wrote the author of the post, the head nurse of the unit.

Later, hospital representatives explained that the three people in the photograph, Rassoul, Katia and Liocha, were medical students who had come as reinforcements to the red zone reserved for patients with Covid-19 to assist a woman whose condition had deteriorated considerably.

At two in the morning, the young interim caregivers received a message explaining that a patient’s condition had worsened. With the medical staff overwhelmed that evening, no one could stay with the patient in the midst of a panic attack. It was then that Rassoul, Katia and Liocha decided, despite their day of rest, to come as reinforcements in order to bring him assistance.

Natalia Eremiane from the hospital’s press service told RT that they had stayed all night with the patient and when she finally fell asleep they settled on the bedroom floor just in case the panic attack would resume.

The three future doctors admit that this night was very difficult. “In the photo, it looks like we are sleeping but in reality, we lay down while watching the patient and the monitors. The woman was panicked and in an unstable state. She ripped off her oxygen mask and catheters […] and did not understand what was going on, ”explained Rassul Nazarov, one of the three protagonists of this scene.

On social networks, Internet users touched by the dedication of the students qualify them as “guardian angels”. Hospital management sent them thank you letters and a job offer. As for the patient, her condition is considered satisfactory and her life is no longer in danger.