a human rights NGO denounces a “regime of Jewish supremacy” – RT in French

An Israeli NGO denounces an apartheid regime set up by Israel over the entire area between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. “Palestinians living under Israeli rule are treated as inferior in rights,” she said.

Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem released an eight-page report on December 12, highlighted by The world, entitled: “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan to the Mediterranean: this is apartheid.” The NGO observes that there is in fact “a regime, within the borders of Israel, which is a permanent democracy with a population of approximately nine million inhabitants, all Israeli citizens”.

“The other regime,” the report reads, “in the territories that Israel took over in 1967, the status of which is supposed to be determined in future negotiations, is [en fait] a temporary military occupation imposed on some five million Palestinian subjects ”. However, for B’Tselem, “hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers now reside in permanent settlements east of the Green Line, living as if they were west of it.” The NGO notes in passing that East Jerusalem has been officially annexed to the territory of Israel and considers that the West Bank has been annexed in practice. “Although Israel has never officially annexed the West Bank, it considers the territory to be its own,” B’Tselem said. “More than 2.6 million Palestinian subjects live in the West Bank, in dozens of enclaves, under a rigid military regime and without political rights,” the NGO continues in its report, also declaring that Palestinians living under Israeli rule were treated as inferior in rights and status to Jews living in the same territory.

Furthermore, while Israel left the Gaza Strip under Palestinian control, B’Tselem asserts that with the 2007 blockade, “Israel continued to control almost all aspects of life in Gaza from the outside.”

In his text, B’Tselem describes an “apartheid” which has taken place through numerous legal and behavioral mechanisms: “A regime that uses laws, practices and organized violence to consolidate the supremacy of a group. on another is an apartheid regime. Israeli apartheid, which promotes the supremacy of Jews over Palestinians, did not come about in a day or a single speech. It is a process that has gradually become institutionalized. ”

“A distorted ideological vision”, according to an Israeli embassy

B’Tselem’s report was dismissed by the Israeli Embassy in London, in comments reported by CNN. The Israeli diplomatic mission qualifies this text as a “propaganda tool” and considers that it is not based on reality but on a “distorted ideological vision”. “Israel rejects the false claims of this so-called report … Israel is a strong and vibrant democracy which grants all rights to all its citizens regardless of religion, race or gender. Arab citizens of Israel are represented in all branches of government – in the Israeli parliament, in the courts (including the Supreme Court), in the public service, and even in the diplomatic corps where they represent the State of Israel. in the world, ”says the embassy.

She also blames B’Tselem for not submitting her report to the Israeli government.

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