a demonstration in memory of a young man who died degenerates, the convoy of the caillassé king – RT in French

A rally, in tribute to a young man who died shortly after his arrest by the police on January 9, degenerated in Brussels on January 13. A police station was degraded and the king’s convoy was stoned by demonstrators.

According to Belgian police, some 400 people demonstrated on January 13 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, one of the municipalities in the Brussels-Capital Region. The mobilization was held at the call of the family of Ibrahima, a 23-year-old who was arrested by the police on January 9 and died shortly after. During the rally, the demonstrators demanded the “truth” and denounced the alleged responsibility of the police in the death of the young man.

The rally escalated during the afternoon. Slogans like “Police, Assassins” were chanted and projectiles were thrown at the police.

“The Koban Brabant police station in the square was damaged with the start of a fire. The police station was quickly secured and the fire under control ”, reported the spokesperson for the Brussels North police zone Audrey Dereymaeker, according to the DH media.

The convoy of the King of the Belgians which passed by chance near the demonstration was stoned by rioters, according to DH and 7 out of 7. “At first sight, the car is little or not damaged”, specifies the latter.

The spokesperson for the Brussels North police also said that there had been deterioration of street furniture, burnt garbage cans, and that two police vehicles had been damaged. RTBF notes several wounded, including two police officers, and the arrest of 80 demonstrators.

An open investigation into the death

The Belgian channel claims that earlier today, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office requested the appointment of an investigating judge to investigate a manslaughter against Ibrahima.

According to L’Avenir, the young Ibrahima fled on foot and was arrested by the police after a pursuit on January 9. He would have previously filmed the police during a check on a group of people. It was when he arrived at the police station that Ibrahima lost consciousness and then died in hospital in the early evening.

“Ibrahima should never have been arrested because he was filming the police. Then, at the police station, in the search room, he felt bad. He fell from his chair unconscious. For very long minutes, nothing happened. No police officer was concerned to see him unconscious on the ground. They let him die. There is at least a delay, according to our information, of five to seven minutes, ”said the family lawyer, during a speech during the demonstration.

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