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The holidays for Paul, 9, and Manon, 4, took an unusual turn last February. The children of Bordeaux, who came to spend time with their grandparents in Penvins, in the town of Sarzeau, have found something to fuel conversations at the playground.

Once brought home, the bottle was cleaned to be kept by the family. “Like that, the children will keep it as a souvenir”, slips Jean-Yves Granger. (Jean-Yves Granger)

6,500 kilometers away

On February 8, during a walk on the beach, the children find a bottle, covered with algae and shells, between the rocks. “I picked it up for fear that it would break and hurt someone,” explains Jean-Yves, the grandfather. “That’s when Paul saw that there was a note inside, with a two dollar bill… I would have preferred it to have been a 200 bill!” », Sries the Sarzeautin.

The kids, as excited as their ancestors, hasten to open the bottle. “It was tightly closed, with a cork of Californian wine. The word is intact, ”slips the retiree. According to the message left, the author appeared to be on a cruise liner called Carnival Ship Liberty, not far from Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean. “There are 6,500 km between Puerto Rico and Sarzeau, taking the Gulf Stream, so it took at least two years to get there”, analyzes the Sarzeautin.

The message, written in English and Spanish, states that the author was aboard a liner called Carnival Ship Liberty, in the Caribbean, near Puerto Rico.
According to the message, written in English and Spanish, the author was aboard a liner called Carnival Ship Liberty in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico. (The Telegram / Mooréa Lahalle)

Stalled research

The author – or author – is said to live in Chula Vista, near San Diego, California. “We tried to find it, but for now, our research is at a standstill,” explains the history enthusiast who regrets that the letter is not dated. Michèle, his wife, would like to understand. Why this bottle? Who is behind it? “I would like to take a look at the story, now that it has started.”

Notice to readers who have knowledge of San Diego. If you want to help the couple get back on the track, you can send an email to: [email protected]

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