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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a blind pass that didn’t end well.

In the Chiefs’ game against the Chargers, the former NFL MVP attempted to throw the ball at wide receiver Marcus Kemp without looking at his Los Angeles 29 target – a move he has patented over the years. As the ball bounced and came out of Kemp’s hands, Chargers rookie cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. dove through the air to intercept the pass.

Mahomes’ early interception was his second of the season. The pick allowed the Chargers to take over on their own 3-yard line, but they couldn’t come down for the scoring.

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However, a fumble from receiver Tyreek Hill gave the Chargers some points on the board to open the second quarter. After a 19-yard pass from Justin Herbert, wide receiver Keenan Allen rushed into the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown. Even though they missed the extra point, the Chargers took advantage of their offensive momentum with a 6-0 lead.

During post-touchdown practice for the Chargers, the Chiefs suffered another critical error. Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire rushed to the Chargers’ 33rd but missed the ball to score Kansas City’s third turnaround.

After Michael Davis recovered the ball for the Chargers, Justin Herbert rolled the field to score another 16-yard touchdown to Austin Ekeler. After a two-point conversion, the Chargers led 14-0 to complete the first half.

The Chiefs totaled three turnovers in their first 13 offensive games of the game. They only returned the ball 16 times during the year 2020.

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