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91% of Chinese youth aged 12 to 17 fully vaccinated against Covid – state media – RT World News

Just over 90% of students in China aged 12 to 17 have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, state media revealed. Despite the high vaccination rate, the Ministry of Education has called for caution in schools in the face of the virus.

People’s Daily reported on Wednesday that the two-dose vaccination rate for teachers and students over 18 was 95 percent, slightly higher than the rate for younger students.

Despite the wide vaccination coverage among Chinese schoolchildren, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice imploring institutes and schools to make Covid prevention and control a top priority.

The statement came after China’s National Health Commission warned that coronavirus infections were circulating at an elementary school in Putian, a city with three million people in eastern China’s Fujian Province. The region recorded more than 150 local cases in five days, prompting some cities in other parts of the country to impose travel warnings before the major holidays.

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A number of cities in Fujian Province, such as Quanzhou and Fuzhou, have decided to suspend primary schools and kindergartens, others switching from classes to online learning.

The Chinese government has made and licensed two of its own Covid jabs. While domestically produced vaccines have been given the green light to be given to children as young as three, authorities have yet to expand the vaccination campaign to those under 12.

Several regions of China began vaccinating their teenagers against Covid in July, including the capital Beijing.

Figures from the National Health Commission showed that China has so far managed to administer nearly 2.16 billion doses of the vaccine.

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