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80 GB at only €12.99, the ideal package to prepare for your summer vacation

It is currently possible to subscribe to a non-binding plan with 80 GB of data for only €12.99/month at Bouygues Télécom. This great offer is offered as part of a promotion valid until May 25, 2022. There are only 4 days left to take advantage of it, especially since the price of the package will be guaranteed beyond the first year.

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Bouygues Telecom has decided not to stop with its good plans. After its offers of the month of debit for the month of May which have just ended, the operator draws not one or two, but three new limited series packages. The offer with 80 GB of internet is particularly interesting. If you subscribe before May 25 at midnight, the subscription will be priced at €12.99/month. Even more interesting, this price will remain the same beyond the first year. But of course you can terminate when it suits you, because we are talking here about a non-binding package.

80 GB of data in 4G for only €12.99 / month

With an average consumption of mobile data which does not even reach 10 GB per month in France, we can say that this new B&You package suitable for most people. The offer is indeed limited to an internet envelope of 80 GB in metropolitan France, which is more than enough to browse the web, check emails, listen to music streaming or watch a few hours of video on platforms like YouTube. Where netflix.

The offer also includes a volume of data dedicated to use abroad, in particular from Europe and the overseas departments. Here it is 15 GB.

For the communication part, you are entitled to all unlimited. From mainland France, Europe and the overseas departments, you can make unlimited calls to a French number.

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What you must remember

  • – B&You package without commitment at €12.99/month for life;
    – 80 GB of 4G data in mainland France and 12 GB from Europe and the overseas departments;
    – Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
    – Offer valid until May 25, 2022

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