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What all companies, no matter the industry, are they saying they want to? Growth. Continuous growth and lightning fast. The good news is, you can quickly find out which growth marketing strategies are working by studying the success of other businesses and tailoring it to your own business.

Most tech-savvy remember Dropbox’s referral program, the one that helped it grow 3,900% in 15 months. His philosophy was simple: to reward customers with free storage space to refer other customers. In 2008, it was an absolute revelation. A golden ticket.

Tell a story with proprietary data from your business. Only you have this information, which makes it valuable.

In 2021, you would be hard pressed to find a business without a formal sponsorship program. This is a standard growth marketing tip. If you study the tactics of other companies, you will be able to shorten the growth – it is that simple.

The race for faster growth is more pressing than ever. When you consider the speed at which venture capital funds must repay their investors and consumer acquisition costs have risen 55% over the past three years, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and marketers They simply need to take the time to study best practices and apply them to growing their own business.

Of course, you should always run your own experiments, but it’s just more capital efficient to emulate than trial and error from scratch. Here are five companies whose growth strategies are worth emulating, including the most important lessons you can start applying to your business today.

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1. Do your SEO well: Flo

SEO will be spending this summer shaking in its boots. Google started rolling out a two-week core algorithm update on June 2, and it’s rolling out a page experience update through August. These updates usually come with significant volatility that bumps Google’s organic rankings all over the place.

However, one of the big winners in SEO 2021 running is Flo, a women’s ovulation calendar, period tracker, and pregnancy app. According to GrowthBar, an SEO tool I co-founded, Flo’s organic traffic has grown 192% over the past two months and he ranks on the front page for some extremely competitive women’s health keywords.

If SEO is a strategy you are pursuing, there are two key growth lessons to take away from Flo’s recent success.

1. Authority matters more than ever. Healthcare websites fall into a category of sensitive sites that Google classifies as Your Money, Your Life (YMYL). Due to a slew of fake news and suspicious web content, Google has rightly raised the bar for expertise and factuality. Go to any of Flo’s 1,000+ blog posts (yes, content is still king) and you’ll see almost all of them reviewed by gynecologists, primary care physicians, or some other type of health expert. women. Its site also contains pages dedicated to its medical editors and reviewers, content guidelines, and peer review specifications. Flo takes her information seriously. From the 2020 election in QAnon to the side effects of vaccination, Google is on high alert. Whatever your niche, you need to establish your credibility to earn Google searches.

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