4 ways to download Instagram videos

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Instagram recently reminded everyone this is “No longer a photo sharing app or a square photo sharing app,” And in fact, parent company Facebook wants it to be the hub for sharing videos of all kinds, from TikTok style reels to longer YouTube ones videos on IGTV. As the number of videos on Instagram increases, so does the need to save them. at view offline.

After all, you don’t always have a good internet connection. Why miss out on Instagram videos when you’re in the hills or on your next long flight? Fortunately, it is possible to download Instagram videos and take them everywhere with you.

Before we show you how to do it on all your devices, it should be noted that these methods tend to break sometimes. Changes on Instagram its APIs more than most other services, which means the method of downloading videos, photos or stories keeps changing with them. In most cases, the methods we recommended will work because the developers design them. update regularly their applications or automations. However, there is a small chance that one of the these methods could stop working, if only temporarily.


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