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4 astronauts return to Earth in the SpaceX capsule to conclude a six-month mission at the station


Before leaving the space station, they said they had been craving hot showers, steaming cups of coffee and ocean air since arriving in March. Their return home was delayed a day due to inclement weather at the landing site, but ultimately put on a spectacular spectacle in the middle of the night as the capsule raced through the sky above Cape Canaveral towards from a water landing near Jacksonville.

The astronauts said it was amazing to be back. “You have a room full of happy people here,” SpaceX Mission Control said over radio.

SpaceX launched its replacements over a week ago.

Another crew change will take place later this month with the long-awaited return of two Russians and an American who have been there for a full year. Their stay was doubled after their Soyuz capsule lost all coolant and a new craft had to be launched.

Between crew swaps, the space station is home to seven astronauts.



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