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-30% on the fiber or ADSL Bbox must plan for one year at Bouygues Télécom

Until June 12, Bouygues Telecom offers his package Box must at the price of the Bbox fit, i.e. the fiber / ADSL package at €15.99 after 12 months of commitment then €40.99. Usually, this package is €22.99 per month, i.e. €7 savings per month or €84 for a year!

Let’s do a recap of what the fiber package brings Box must :

  • speeds of 1 Gb/s for download and 700 Mbps sending
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to more than 110 international destinations
  • Wi-Fi diagnostics
  • Box + mobile advantage: with this Bbox, take advantage of a mobile plan from €0 per month for the first year
  • 180 TV channels
  • Bbox 4K HDR TV decoder
  • 100h TV recorder
  • Smart TV at €49 instead of €449 (Samsung 43AU7105)

Bbox must fiber package is only € 15.99 per month for 12 months then €40.99 per month thereafter, with a one-year commitment and box rental included. You also benefit from this price for ADSL.

We should also point out other fiber offers available from the competition, such as sosh at only €14.99 per month for one year without commitment with 300 Mbps in upload and download. Or RED by SFR with its offer at €20 per month for a speed of 1 Gbps for downloading and 500 Mbps for uploading and 1 month free. Or finally, the offer Freebox Revolution for €19.99 per month for one year and a speed of 1 Gbps in download and 600 Mbps in upload.

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