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2021: what will your tech year look like?

Artificial intelligence redeems its conscience. Women take power in research. And science startups are in the news. Welcome to 2021!

Do you know the “staycation”? This is one of the new habits inherited from the confinements of 2020 and which could be successful in 2021. This immobile tourism allows you to travel around the world by screen interposed from your sofa. Reportage.

From medicine to the environment, Deeptech is making its mark on the digital scene. These breakthrough innovations want to bring out solutions to rebuild the world. The scientist Aude Bernheim embodies this movement. A researcher at Inserm, her work on the immune systems of bacteria paves the way for the discovery of new anti-viral drugs. She is our guest.

Guillaume Grallet reviews the tech trends of the year with the magazine L’ADN. After years of promises, artificial intelligence will have to be held to account. And its users want more ecological and economic awareness. Explanations.

French technologies are on the rise. Demonstration of Temo and Oscar, two maritime navigation assistance solutions. Startups that took off at the recent CES online for this month of January 2021.