2021 NHL Predictions: Final Standings, Awards, Playoff Screenings, Stanley Cup Pick

After some uncertainty, the 2021 NHL season has officially arrived and the puck will drop in a 56-game, 116-day sprint before the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As always, hope is eternal for all 31 teams and, like previous seasons, it’s different for each. Some see the next two months as a time to strategize and prepare for the playoffs as a Cup contender, while others use the time to continue to build and generate success with their club. .

This season will be unique, full of twists and turns. Along with the compact schedule, which will include the first time in league history that teams will play four consecutive games against the same opponent in a regular season, COVID-19 has and will have an impact on things. Divisions have already been realigned based on geographic locations, with one containing only Canadian teams due to a travel ban between the United States and Canada. And the NHL expects more games to be postponed; the Stars’ first three games – two against the Panthers and one against the Lightning – have been postponed due to 17 players testing positive.

The playoffs were also fine-tuned, with the top four teams from each division advancing to the playoffs and the No.1 team playing No.4 and No.2 playing No.3. The winners then go head to head, with the division champion. meet the other four winners in a postponed semi-final before the Stanley Cup Final.

NHL SCHEDULE CHANGES: List of games postponed, rescheduled due to COVID-19

Normally the road to the Stanley Cup is long, twisty and twisty with endless potholes – this year will be very twisty, but it will end with the same result: a Stanley Cup champion. Who will be there is the biggest mystery. This year’s tight schedule makes a good start even more critical while avoiding losing streaks throughout the season. Predicting what will be is always a tricky concept, but it’s time to look to the future and see who will make the 2021 season one to remember.

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NHL predictions for 2021


DeerNathan MacKinnon, Avalanche
VezinaJacob Markstrom, flames
Art RossConnor McDavid, tankers
Rocket richardAuston Matthews, Maple Leafs
NorrisCale Makar, Avalanche
CalderAlexis Lafrenière, Rangers
SelkeMark Stone, Golden Knights
Jack AdamsTravis Green, Canucks

East Division

1. Philadelphia Flyers
2. New York Islanders
3. Washington Capitals
4. New York Rangers
5. Boston Bruins
6. Pittsburgh Penguins
7. Buffalo Sabers
8. New Jersey Devils

Central division

1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Dallas Stars
3. Carolina hurricanes
4. Columbus Blue Jackets
5. Nashville Predators
6. Florida Panthers
7. Detroit Red Wings
8. Chicago Blackhawks

West Division

1. Colorado Avalanche *
2. Vegas Golden Knights
3. St. Louis Blues
4. Minnesota Wild
5. Arizona Coyotes
6. Los Angeles Kings
7. Sharks of San Jose
8. Anaheim Ducks

North Division

1. Toronto Maple Leafs
2. Calgary Flames
3. Montreal Canadiens
4. Vancouver Canucks
5. Edmonton Oilers
6. Ottawa Senators
7. Winnipeg Jets

* Presidents Trophy: avalanche


Support is

(1) Flyers vs. (4) RangersFlyers
(2) Islanders vs. (3) CapitalsCapitals
(1) Flyers vs. (3) CapitalsFlyers

Central support

(1) Lightning vs. (4) Blue JacketsLightning
(2) Stars vs. (3) HurricanesStars
(1) Lightning vs. (2) StarsStars

Western bracket

(1) Avalanche vs. (4) Wildavalanche
(2) Golden Knights vs. (3) BluesGolden knights
(1) Avalanche vs. (2) Golden KnightsGolden knights

Semi finals

Teams are reseeded based on regular season points.

(1) Flyers vs (4) starsFlyers
(2) Maple Leafs vs. (3) Golden KnightsGolden knights

Stanley Cup Final

Flyers vs. Golden KnightsGolden knights
Conn Smythe TrophyRobin lehner

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