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200 holidaymakers spin in the English style, “an extrapolation” for the Verbier tourist office – RT in French

The head of the Verbier tourist office in Switzerland called the information that 200 holidaymakers from the United Kingdom had escaped to avoid a quarantine in Switzerland as “extrapolation […], perhaps linked to a misunderstanding ”.

The director of Verbier Tourism, Simon Wiget, corrected information from the municipality and widely relayed on December 27, which reported that 200 Britons had fled from Verbier, in Switzerland, on the night of December 26, to escape the A ten-day quarantine in place since December 14 for British tourists after the appearance of a new variant of Covid-19.

In comments relayed by the newspaper Sonntags Zeitung and the ATS press agency, then by Franceinfo, the head of the tourist office considers the figure of 200 British fugitives to be “totally wrong” before estimating that this information is “an extrapolation” […] possibly related to a misunderstanding ”due to the translation.

“To which are added certain rumors and many things which are inflated in this situation of pandemic”, explained Simon Wiget before specifying: “On our side, we did not have any official information, nor on behalf of the hoteliers nor on the part of the authorities, from a flight of these people, as the media suggests ”.

All quarantines have been respected

And the director to detail the provisions of the quarantine which concerns tourists “from British territory, but not necessarily English”. Quarantine measures “expire or have already expired”: the ten-day quarantine has been imposed since December 14. “This means that a lot of people, after all, have already finished their quarantine. To which are added the people who returned in a completely correct manner and those who are still in quarantine now, ”explains Simon Wiget.

“All quarantines have been respected,” assures the tourism professional without denying that some people may have “not respected the measures”. But the helvetee tempers assuring “that there is also an amalgam [entre les personnes récalcitrantes et] those which are distributed in a completely correct way ”.