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1 in 7 vaccinated Americans have dumped friends who disagree with them on Covid-19 hits, poll finds – RT USA News

Many Americans threw away lifelong friends during the Covid-19 pandemic, and for those who chose to get vaccinated, opinions about jabs are often relationship breakdowns, a new poll has shown.

The survey, conducted earlier this month by researcher OnePoll, showed that 16% of respondents have ended at least three friendships in the past year and a half. About 14% of Americans vaccinated said they broke off relationships with friends who chose not to be vaccinated against the virus.

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In fact, those who had been vaccinated were almost four times more likely than those who did not intend to get the vaccine – 66% to 17% – to have ended their friendships during the pandemic. The survey showed that 97% of people vaccinated consider their old friends to be “Full-fledged anti-vaccine” and said they could never make them understand the importance of getting the vaccine.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is one of the issues that most divides Americans. The 14% who cited beatings as the reason for ending friendships versus 16% who blamed political differences and 15% whose ex-boyfriend was dating an ex-boyfriend. Other reasons included finding out their friends were liars (7%) and having a friend making up stories about them (12%).

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Hollywood has apparently blessed the idea of ​​getting rid of friends who refuse to get vaccinated. Actress Jennifer Aniston – ironically, a star of the television series ‘Friends’ – said last month in an interview with InStyle magazine that she had ended her relationships with people who refused to get stung or chose not to tell her their inoculation status. “It’s a real shame” she said. “I just lost a few people in my weekly routine.”

The level of vaccine vitriol has increased in recent weeks. Radio host Howard Stern recently lambasted “all the morons in our country who will not get vaccinated” and said those who do not get the vaccine should be denied hospital beds if they become ill. “Stay at home, die there with your Covid”, he said.

OnePoll said 81% of Democratic poll respondents were fully vaccinated, compared to 64% of Republicans and 69% of independents. About 57% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats said society was “too critical” of unvaccinated Americans.

Self-reliance tolerance for vaccines is declining in America, as President Joe Biden last week ordered all companies with 100 or more employees to force their employees to be vaccinated. “We have been patient, but our patience is running out and your refusal has cost us all. “ Biden said unvaccinated Americans.

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